Texas Transportation and Natural Resources Department (TNR) Travis County, Texas

Front Line Consulting currently serves as the Prime Contractor, providing program management services to Travis County, Texas Transportation and Natural Resources Department (“TNR”), for the city’s $270 million Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Front Line is responsible for the management, development, coordination, tracking, and consolidation of the CIP Project schedules, budgets, documentation, permitting and communication for the CIP Projects identified by the County in its’ 2017 Bond Program and its annual budget process and as deployed by the TNR Department. The CIP Projects consist of road, bridge, bicycle, pedestrian, drainage and parks infrastructure projects.

MTA Small Business Client Services

Front Line Consulting is proud to be the MTA’s first SDVOB firm represented in  their Small Business Mentor Program. Currently, Front Line is providing  services under the monitoring and quality control of small business proposals. This important task ensures compliance and reviews contractor applications for completeness and accuracy, providing throughput to MTA’s  entire small business procurement process.

New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)

Disaster Recovery consulting services remain central to Front Line’s focus and capability. We have provided many years of valued and key consultation services and management for the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR). Our deep knowledge and experience of HUD compliance and program execution was highly valued. These services included Client Services, Personnel Management and Case Management.

Frontline managed a team focused on the feasibility of more than 150 residential home elevations, while also serving in a quality control oversight capacity. Front Line was also responsible for the management of a multi-functional team inclusive of program managers, case analyst, case managers, and customer service representatives. This team served as case managers and analyst for GOSR’s highest priority and escalated cases. Front Line’s personnel was directly responsible and authored many policy changes that affected the positive outcome of these complex file types.

Other  Projects

Dormitory Authority of the State New York  – Administrative Support, NY

Hudson River Park Trust- Administrative Support, NY

Federal Emergency Management Agency- Disaster Recovery & Response, National


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